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Getting ready for my birthday! :) Got my dress yesterday @ F21, and Mom and I got my shoes today. Tomorrow we have to go get the decorations, order my cake and clean up the house. Sunday we're having some family and close family friends over for cake and ice cream/punch. Then Sunday night (or maybe Saturday night, I haven't decided yet) we're going out for a fancy dinner; and Monday morning (since that's my actual birthday) we're going out for breakfast/brunch. :) I think it'll turn out to be a really nice birthday.
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These past few days have been pretty busy.

Monday I went with Meme and Mom to the bank and then we ate lunch at Olive Garden. Then we went to Ulta and then Petsmart to get Minzy some food. Then after we got home we realized that Princess was out of food so we went BACK to Petsmart and got her some, and I got some rawhides and Minzy a cute little toy frog. 

Tuesday Mom and I went to Sephora and Macy's and did some damage (in my defense, Dad had just given me $100 so I didn't break Mom's bank, I broke my own! Lol.)
I got two perfume rollerballs: Hanae Mori's Butterfly (AMAZING) and Escada Taj Sunset (AMAZING) and a Stila lip stain, and Mom got an Urban Decay Eyeliner and a Coral nail polish. :) 

I also got a couple of Spring outfits (since my closet pretty much has nothing but winter clothes in it atm). I got a really nice pair of jeans for $20 and a pair of white jeans for $19, a flower tank top for $24 and a baby blue top for $24.
Later, I went with Mom to her Mary Kay meeting.

Today we went to a couple of resale shops, Target to return something and then the mall (MAC).

I am so incredibly tired for some reason, yet I can't go to sleep. I have to get up earlier tomorrow, but it's already 2am so I don't know how I'll function lol.


Video game wish list

I want so many games, it's ridiculous. I got Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days yesterday and I like it, just I get bored of games easily unless it's just super super entertaining (I could play Jak and Daxter for hours.) And I've been playing Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) every now and then, along with Call of Duty: Black Ops (which I suck at, btw. But it's SO FUN.)

Nintendo DS

Pokemon White (I need to pre-order it tomorrow)
Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver (idk which though)
Cooking Mama (can't. resist. cuteness.)
Super Princess Peach
Chrono Trigger
Harvest Moon DS Cute
The World Ends WIth You
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story


Super Mario Galaxy 2
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Monster Hunter Tri
Mario Kart Wii
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Resident Evil 4

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postcard from paris

Like a postcard from Paris
When I've seen the real thing
It's like finding out your diamond
Is from an old promise ring
Coming back from your fortune teller
She read your cards upside down
The meanest thing you ever did is come around
And now I'm ruined

Just when I thought things were alright
My eyes played tricks on my mind
Will I ever be satisfied
'Cause all I ever seem to find

Is a postcard from Paris
When I need the real thing
It's like finding out your diamond
Is from an old promise ring
Coming back from your fortune teller
She read your cards upside down
The meanest thing you ever did
The cruelest thing you ever did
The meanest thing you ever did is come around

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Hey guys. <3

I'm officially returning to Livejournal
. I sort of left it for tumblr, but I missed it so much! So I'm sorry for not keeping in touch with all of you but I hope you forgive me and give me a second chance. ♥

I am still keeping my
tumblr but this will be my actual "journal" if you will, whereas my tumblr will just be random crap such as pics that make me laugh, etc. And you can always find me on my twitter. I have just recently created a new one so make sure to follow me!

I will never leave ever again. ♥ 

( a gif to make sure you see this on your fpage lol. )
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Granny died last night. We met with the funeral home to make plans for the funeral. Visitation is Monday night, and the funeral is Tuesday at 2pm.

It's Still hard to believe. It hasn't hit me yet, cause I haven't cried at all.